Specialty Enzymes Market grows with increasing usage of enzymes in beverage industry

Specialty enzymes are used to increase protein content in plants and animals. Specialty enzymes are natural proteins produced by living organisms and are majorly used in production of pharmaceuticals products, biocatalysts and research & development and diagnostics solutions. Every activity of the body such as conversion of food to energy, disposal of waste materials, replacement of old tissue, building new tissues, and reproduction requires enzymes.

The market for specialty enzymes can be segmented on the basis of product type such as proteases, carbohydrases, polymerases and other specialty enzymes. Segmentation can also be done by its end user applications in different fields such as Research/Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics and Others.

Some of the key factors driving the growth of specialty enzymes market are increasing usage of enzymes in beverage industry, its ability to increase taste and daily intake of food in animals, they also acts as preventative measure for various diseases such as cancer, hay fever and asthma. In wine production enzymes support the release of color and improve the taste of wine. In pharmaceuticals sector enzymes address underlying cause of several health issues unlike normal medicine which provide temporary relief. Lack of awareness about these enzymes acts as one of the major restraints for this market. North America is the major market for specialty enzymes as it is expected to grow at a substantial during the forecasted period.

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Some of the key players in specialty enzymes market are Roche Holding Ag, Amano Enzyme Inc., Basf, Bbi Enzymes Ltd, CodexisInc, Advanced Enzyme Technology Ltd, Life Technologies and Affymetrix Inc.



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