Global Health Care Social Media Marketing Market Rising Thanks to Improved Availability of High-speed Internet

Social media marketing is an upcoming field; the emergence of which has been fueled by the rapid rise of social media in recent years. Over the last decade, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others have gone from being a novelty to an everyday necessity. Due to the ease of sharing information with the masses, social media marketing has caught on in the last few years.

Health care is the latest sector to join the social media marketing bandwagon. The ease of sharing information on social media has led many medical equipment manufacturers and other entities in the health care field to advertise their products and services on social media and interact with the customers about the same.

The increasing number of social media users is responsible for the rising demand from the health care social media marketing market. The high proportion of the global population with access to high-speed internet and the requisite amount of tech literacy has led to high demand for the availability of medical knowledge on the internet, thus spurring the global health care social media marketing market.

However, the market is held back by restraints such as the possibility of fraudulent information being passed as genuine and the concern for privacy. The lack of privacy in social media is a well-debated topic already, lending weight to the reluctance of some users to post sensitive medical information on the internet.

Apart from advertising, social media marketing is also a powerful tool for interacting with potential customers. Customer feedback about upcoming products and procedures can even be directly implemented in health care products, making them more in line with what the customer actually needs and wants.

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Regionally, North America emerged as the leading market for health care social media marketing in 2014. The high number of tech-savvy customers and rising usage of and government support for telehealth systems are the main factors driving the North America health care social media marketing market. In the coming years, the Asia Pacific and Rest of the World market for health care social media marketing are expected to emerge as strong contenders in the global scenario, due to the rising availability of high-speed internet and growing social media user base in developing countries such as China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.



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