Healthcare IT Integration Market Witnesses Rising Demand and Investment from R&D Activities

Healthcare IT integration is an electronic method primarily utilized for effective management of patient’s health for both individual as well as group of patient. Moreover, it also enables monitoring, archiving and secure integration messaging of the health information’s. In primary healthcare centers the healthcare IT integration has been required for the following: clinical decision support, computerized provider order entry, consumer health IT applications, electronic prescribing and electronic medical record systems. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) states, healthcare IT integration is a cost effective method for patient care through the secure use and sharing of health information. Other benefit of the healthcare IT integration includes capture valuable information in messages that can be used for analysis, increase productivity, make better medical decisions, deliver timely clinical results and improve patient care. The global Healthcare IT integration market can be segmented on basis of the following: products available in the market, end users and geography.

Over the past few years healthcare IT integration are taking a paradigm shift among the healthcare providers owing to growth in demand of healthcare services. Geriatric population, growing health care consumerism and new models of health care delivery demand the growth of healthcare IT integration worldwide. For instance, the U.S. Census Bureau stated that, fastest growing segment of the U.S. population is geriatric groups. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimated, the global geriatric population would increase from 524 million in 2010 to around 2 billion by 2050. Moreover, the global geriatric population would grow at the fastest rate in developed countries such as the U.S., the U.K. and Japan. Furthermore, increasing regulatory compliance for effective utilization of healthcare IT integration and technological advancement in healthcare IT integration also accounted for the market growth of healthcare IT integration. While, high cost and data security concern associated with healthcare IT integration would restrict the market demand to some extent during the study period.

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North America dominates the global market for healthcare IT integration due to rising awareness among people and growing demand of healthcare IT integration in this region. Moreover, technological advancement in healthcare IT integration is also accentuating the market growth in North American region. Europe represents the second position in the global healthcare IT integration market due to presence of large geriatric population base in European region. Asia-Pacific is considered as an untapped market due to lack of proper healthcare facilities in some Asian countries. Asian market growth will be fuelled by the presence of untapped opportunities due to extensive increase in the healthcare infrastructure. Similarly, Asia-Pacific is considered as an emerging market due to growing market penetration in this region. Increasing disposable income and growing demand of healthcare IT solutions also accounted for the market growth in Asia-Pacific countries. Rest of the world (RoW) holds fourth position in the global healthcare IT integration market due to poor economic and health condition in most of the African countries. Healthcare IT integration market growth in RoW will be fuelled by extensive increase in healthcare infrastructure in Brazil and Mexico.

Some of the market players in the healthcare IT integration market includes Avi-Spl Inc., Intersystems, Oracle Corporation, Siemens Healthcare, Interfaceware, Ibm Corp., Cerner Corporation, Liaison Technologies, AGL Hospital Consulting, Burwood Group, The Sandino Group, LLC, Orchestrate Healthcare, Boston Software Systems, Inc. among others.


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